A Cheap Portable Mini Computer Under 100 Dollars

You probably really familiar with Raspberry Pi product, if you are not really familiar then the Pi are cheap computer made specifically for learning programming. At first, the product is not made for industrial purposes since the target is only for a student who wants to learn about programming without spending much money on buying a laptop or computer. But it’s becoming so popular around the internet and then spread to the world. Then it’s available for public purchase to be used daily. Then what makes it so special? Then let’s find out.

Technical Specs

The specification is pretty much low end and don’t expect it would run Windows 0S because its not going to happen. We are going to talk about it later, but for now I want to talk about the specs. The processor is not based on X86 architecture, but they used an ARM chip model for it. The normal clock for the processor is 1GHZ with quad core CPU. You don’t have to worry about opening email, browsing or editing any docs because that is processor is good enough. The RAM on the inside is packed with 2GB and its not upgradable since the product itself is only a single board. One different thing that make it better than the previous version is the availability of WIFIs, so we don’t have to plug any wireless adapter to make the WIFI work. Beside than that, you also get some USB ports, a power port, and an HDMI port to connect it to monitor or TV.

Operating System

The PI 3 is not coming with any OS, so you must install it manually by downloading some types of OS on their website. There are many choices, but almost all of them are running Linux OS. First, download the OS and then make a bootable drive with any SD card and then plug it the board. Then, turning on the board and the installing set up will come out. Here I am using their OS as my main one and it’s running great. I tried to stream 1080P video on Youtube and its working well even though there are some lags. You also are able to install Android or even Chrome OS if you don’t want to stick with Linux. The performance is similar and it’s so usable for daily usage. The device could be counted on doing some small works without needing to turn on your computer.