Few Important Activities That We Can Do On Summer

When we are talking about summer, then most people would probably say about beach, outdoor party and even swimming on the pool. There are so many activities that we could do including the cheap one, until the most expensive one such as enjoying a resort. I personally love to go to some concerts where I able to listen some music while enjoying the scenery and doing some outdoor activities. If you are really bored with your summer, then I have some good list to kill of your boredom on your nice summer.

Go Around The City

Are you serious? Yeah I am actually not kidding about going around the city. The city is actually not really that bad for spending your summer. You are pretty much already got used with it, but you probably miss some nice places. We can go to the museum on enjoying some historical Dinosaur or visiting a zoo probably would be pretty good since you are able to enjoy it with your parents or your brother or sister. I personally love to visit some local shops where I able to meet with new people with different culture. There are lots of things that I learn from them by only seeing them doing something, if you miss all of those great things before, then why not starting it from now.

Music Festivals

There are lots of musical festival is available to visit. If you live on America or Canada, then you are very lucky because they have so many international festivals. Each city usually holds their own festival with their own uniqueness. If you get used with it, then I suggest to go to another city since is not that hard to reach. Never ever to go to that place without your friends because it would be really bored. I ever done that before and I end up on doing nothing at the end. Do not forget to check everything before you go and make sure you already contact all of your friends.

Doing Outdoor Activities

This is probably what I really love from summer. Swimming on the beach is my favorite from all of activities since I am not able to do it on spring or doing it crazy on winter. My friends even do it crazier by canoeing or going to hike at the summer heat. They said that it able to boost their adrenaline on doing it on the heat. Internet is your best friend on finding your local activities or gathering the group before you start your adventure.

Finding New Job

Some of companies or your local store probably would want to hire some of new guys on this season. You will never have a chance to get your work during the day because the time is already full with the class. Just find a good time on writing your paper and resume. Make sure to make it as interesting as possible. Make them believe that you are a nice person by providing good information on it.

I never have a chance of finding a good job during my daily school at that time and when I end up doing a job summer, I was amazed that I was able to get that much. I feel bad that I never did that sooner. So, if looking some good places on making money, then you really need to try it.


One thing that might be possible is by volunteering yourself to the community. You would never get money from it, but there are tons of new experiences that you would get from your community. We always doing some daily service each month where we help poor people by providing them food and other things that might help their life. You would feel blessed when seeing their life that you never experience before. It is pretty tiring, but at the same it is also really nice experience.


Never miss a chance on gathering all of your families with this activity. I remember to have landmann 26 inch electric smoker that I have from my cousin and it becomes pretty good source of joyful during our summer. We only did it for couple times and it feels amazing. Enjoying food and telling some jokes are a good way to relieve my stress after working on my daily.


Do not afraid on trying anything that you want on your summer. You might end up with something really great that you never feel before. Money is not the key here, but there are thousands of choices which are available without spending much of your money. At last, that is all that could talk here. if you have any suggestion please leave any comment. Enjoy your vacation.