How To Pick The Right Bulb For Your Home

I feel that I need to make this article since there are lots of my readers and friends asking me to do make it. I actually not really familiar with this thing and started to have some information about it, after I found some good information about it, I actually making some great mistakes on picking the right bulb for my home. Many people said that Watt is the most important one here, but their making mistake that Watt is not the entire thing here. Now we should take a look on some tips on picking on it.


Many people think that picking the good one with higher Watt would make the bulb shinning brighter. It is not entirely wrong, but here we also need to consider about the lumens that they have. We really need to pick one which is also having the right or correct lumens for its Watt. So, how do find it? It is pretty simple since you are going to find it on the box.

Colors Appearance

Not all of bulbs are coming with the same color. There are some choices that you can find here such as warm or soft. It backs to your needs on deciding which one is good for your each room, but I really suggest you to pick one with soft color for your room since it would make a better light for your eyes when you are reading something at night. Once again, it is your choice.


I am not really sure if you are going to love it, but most people right now are picking this kind of feature. Remember that not all of bulbs would dim as you buy it. Asking the store of owners or seeing it on the box will be the right way to notice it. They usually put a label on it, so it is easier to be noticed.

Warranty Is Important

Remember that your LED might not last as long as you want. On some rarely cases I found that some of my bulbs are stop working only after I bought it for a month. You probably do not want to spend your money again to buy it, so make sure to pick one who is giving the warranty for replacement for some limited time. Philips is probably one of the few companies who are giving the warranty for their products.