Best Gaming Controllers For PC

Having a special controller for gaming is needed in order to play games easily on PC. Some of games are needed special input that cannot be easily emulated by mouse and keyboard. For game such as FPS and MOBA using a combination between keyboard and mouse are easy to do since the control is not much and you don’t have to worry of pressing the wrong button. But for some specific games such as adventure and fighting games would be really tough. I have some good recommendations for cheap and affordable controller for PC. The list is not much, but some of them are good enough even for a hardcore gamer.

XBOX Controller

If you are already having an XBOX, then you probably don’t need to buy more controllers because the controller since XBOX 360 is compatible with all of types of Windows. You just need to plug the controller and then mapping the specific buttons for it. It’s really simple and easy to do since its compatible with all of games.

PS4 Controller

It’s pretty surprising find that DS4 is compatible with Windows since I have tried it with DS3 and its harder because we need a special dongle and extra app to make it work. I don’t recommend it for most people, but now PS4 controller is so usable without any special treatment on it. You could even play it wireless without any necessary to plug it.  The price is cheap and you could get it easily.

Razer Wildcat

The price is considerably quite expensive, but it is still under 100 dollars, so don’t be worry. The material itself is so good since the price is talking here. They are having the same buttons like XBOX one, but with additional features such as audio panel and customization keys. There are more other choices if you expect a cheap one.

Logitech F310

My favorite one because of its cheap price, yeah the price is only around 30 dollars and it’s pretty amazing and comfortable to use. I already use their products for gaming for such a long time, so I don’t have to worry of putting it on the list.  The buttons are soft and the handling is quite good.  You need to install an extra app which is come on the box, so just install it once and its ready to be used. Well, this is good for cheap one.


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