How To Pick The Right Bulb For Your Home

I feel that I need to make this article since there are lots of my readers and friends asking me to do make it. I actually not really familiar with this thing and started to have some information about it, after I found some good information about it, I actually making some great mistakes on picking the right bulb for my home. Many people said that Watt is the most important one here, but their making mistake that Watt is not the entire thing here. Now we should take a look on some tips on picking on it.


Many people think that picking the good one with higher Watt would make the bulb shinning brighter. It is not entirely wrong, but here we also need to consider about the lumens that they have. We really need to pick one which is also having the right or correct lumens for its Watt. So, how do find it? It is pretty simple since you are going to find it on the box.

Colors Appearance

Not all of bulbs are coming with the same color. There are some choices that you can find here such as warm or soft. It backs to your needs on deciding which one is good for your each room, but I really suggest you to pick one with soft color for your room since it would make a better light for your eyes when you are reading something at night. Once again, it is your choice.


I am not really sure if you are going to love it, but most people right now are picking this kind of feature. Remember that not all of bulbs would dim as you buy it. Asking the store of owners or seeing it on the box will be the right way to notice it. They usually put a label on it, so it is easier to be noticed.

Warranty Is Important

Remember that your LED might not last as long as you want. On some rarely cases I found that some of my bulbs are stop working only after I bought it for a month. You probably do not want to spend your money again to buy it, so make sure to pick one who is giving the warranty for replacement for some limited time. Philips is probably one of the few companies who are giving the warranty for their products.

Few Important Activities That We Can Do On Summer

When we are talking about summer, then most people would probably say about beach, outdoor party and even swimming on the pool. There are so many activities that we could do including the cheap one, until the most expensive one such as enjoying a resort. I personally love to go to some concerts where I able to listen some music while enjoying the scenery and doing some outdoor activities. If you are really bored with your summer, then I have some good list to kill of your boredom on your nice summer.

Go Around The City

Are you serious? Yeah I am actually not kidding about going around the city. The city is actually not really that bad for spending your summer. You are pretty much already got used with it, but you probably miss some nice places. We can go to the museum on enjoying some historical Dinosaur or visiting a zoo probably would be pretty good since you are able to enjoy it with your parents or your brother or sister. I personally love to visit some local shops where I able to meet with new people with different culture. There are lots of things that I learn from them by only seeing them doing something, if you miss all of those great things before, then why not starting it from now.

Music Festivals

There are lots of musical festival is available to visit. If you live on America or Canada, then you are very lucky because they have so many international festivals. Each city usually holds their own festival with their own uniqueness. If you get used with it, then I suggest to go to another city since is not that hard to reach. Never ever to go to that place without your friends because it would be really bored. I ever done that before and I end up on doing nothing at the end. Do not forget to check everything before you go and make sure you already contact all of your friends.

Doing Outdoor Activities

This is probably what I really love from summer. Swimming on the beach is my favorite from all of activities since I am not able to do it on spring or doing it crazy on winter. My friends even do it crazier by canoeing or going to hike at the summer heat. They said that it able to boost their adrenaline on doing it on the heat. Internet is your best friend on finding your local activities or gathering the group before you start your adventure.

Finding New Job

Some of companies or your local store probably would want to hire some of new guys on this season. You will never have a chance to get your work during the day because the time is already full with the class. Just find a good time on writing your paper and resume. Make sure to make it as interesting as possible. Make them believe that you are a nice person by providing good information on it.

I never have a chance of finding a good job during my daily school at that time and when I end up doing a job summer, I was amazed that I was able to get that much. I feel bad that I never did that sooner. So, if looking some good places on making money, then you really need to try it.


One thing that might be possible is by volunteering yourself to the community. You would never get money from it, but there are tons of new experiences that you would get from your community. We always doing some daily service each month where we help poor people by providing them food and other things that might help their life. You would feel blessed when seeing their life that you never experience before. It is pretty tiring, but at the same it is also really nice experience.


Never miss a chance on gathering all of your families with this activity. I remember to have landmann 26 inch electric smoker that I have from my cousin and it becomes pretty good source of joyful during our summer. We only did it for couple times and it feels amazing. Enjoying food and telling some jokes are a good way to relieve my stress after working on my daily.


Do not afraid on trying anything that you want on your summer. You might end up with something really great that you never feel before. Money is not the key here, but there are thousands of choices which are available without spending much of your money. At last, that is all that could talk here. if you have any suggestion please leave any comment. Enjoy your vacation.

A Cheap Portable Mini Computer Under 100 Dollars

You probably really familiar with Raspberry Pi product, if you are not really familiar then the Pi are cheap computer made specifically for learning programming. At first, the product is not made for industrial purposes since the target is only for a student who wants to learn about programming without spending much money on buying a laptop or computer. But it’s becoming so popular around the internet and then spread to the world. Then it’s available for public purchase to be used daily. Then what makes it so special? Then let’s find out.

Technical Specs

The specification is pretty much low end and don’t expect it would run Windows 0S because its not going to happen. We are going to talk about it later, but for now I want to talk about the specs. The processor is not based on X86 architecture, but they used an ARM chip model for it. The normal clock for the processor is 1GHZ with quad core CPU. You don’t have to worry about opening email, browsing or editing any docs because that is processor is good enough. The RAM on the inside is packed with 2GB and its not upgradable since the product itself is only a single board. One different thing that make it better than the previous version is the availability of WIFIs, so we don’t have to plug any wireless adapter to make the WIFI work. Beside than that, you also get some USB ports, a power port, and an HDMI port to connect it to monitor or TV.

Operating System

The PI 3 is not coming with any OS, so you must install it manually by downloading some types of OS on their website. There are many choices, but almost all of them are running Linux OS. First, download the OS and then make a bootable drive with any SD card and then plug it the board. Then, turning on the board and the installing set up will come out. Here I am using their OS as my main one and it’s running great. I tried to stream 1080P video on Youtube and its working well even though there are some lags. You also are able to install Android or even Chrome OS if you don’t want to stick with Linux. The performance is similar and it’s so usable for daily usage. The device could be counted on doing some small works without needing to turn on your computer.

Best Gaming Controllers For PC

Having a special controller for gaming is needed in order to play games easily on PC. Some of games are needed special input that cannot be easily emulated by mouse and keyboard. For game such as FPS and MOBA using a combination between keyboard and mouse are easy to do since the control is not much and you don’t have to worry of pressing the wrong button. But for some specific games such as adventure and fighting games would be really tough. I have some good recommendations for cheap and affordable controller for PC. The list is not much, but some of them are good enough even for a hardcore gamer.

XBOX Controller

If you are already having an XBOX, then you probably don’t need to buy more controllers because the controller since XBOX 360 is compatible with all of types of Windows. You just need to plug the controller and then mapping the specific buttons for it. It’s really simple and easy to do since its compatible with all of games.

PS4 Controller

It’s pretty surprising find that DS4 is compatible with Windows since I have tried it with DS3 and its harder because we need a special dongle and extra app to make it work. I don’t recommend it for most people, but now PS4 controller is so usable without any special treatment on it. You could even play it wireless without any necessary to plug it.  The price is cheap and you could get it easily.

Razer Wildcat

The price is considerably quite expensive, but it is still under 100 dollars, so don’t be worry. The material itself is so good since the price is talking here. They are having the same buttons like XBOX one, but with additional features such as audio panel and customization keys. There are more other choices if you expect a cheap one.

Logitech F310

My favorite one because of its cheap price, yeah the price is only around 30 dollars and it’s pretty amazing and comfortable to use. I already use their products for gaming for such a long time, so I don’t have to worry of putting it on the list.  The buttons are soft and the handling is quite good.  You need to install an extra app which is come on the box, so just install it once and its ready to be used. Well, this is good for cheap one.


5 Things to Consider for Best Gaming PC Experience

5 Things to Consider for Best Gaming ExperienceEveryone knows that in order to get the best gaming experience, you will have to get your hands on the best gaming computer first. Speaking about gaming computer, it can refer to all sorts of things, like gaming desktop, gaming monitor, and gaming laptop. Which one do you need? Well, of course, there are the best ones in each of those kinds. For that reason, we will give you some suggestions for each of them in this opportunity. Make sure to consider every each of them for they can give you the best gaming experience ever. As you do so, choose the one that you really need among them.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3400A Gaming Desktop

We will start from gaming desktop here. Most of what you need for gaming lies in this thing. Why? It is because things, like processor, graphics, RAM, hard disk drive, etc. are all there in it. So, what does this gaming desktop have to offer then? You know, this desktop is the one currently priced under $600. It is not very much affordable, but is not very expensive either. With such price, it has many good things it can offer to you. It includes AMD FX-6300 Six Core 3.5GHz Processor. For gaming, this processor is really powerful to work with. Many gaming desktops use this amazing processor too.

It is sure to let you play rather heavy games with smoothest way possible. Like other high performance desktops, this gaming desktop also offers you up to 8GB DDR3 RAM and up to 1TB HDD. Heavy tasks can be processed and you get spacious storage to store your many of your games in. Furthermore, this CyberpowerPC gaming desktop also comes with good graphics. It uses AMD Radeon R7 250 Graphics with 2GB Video Card. It is one of the best graphics for gaming for it gives the best visual images possible.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A Gaming Desktop

We have another one from CyberpowerPC here. Although it does come from the same manufacturer as the first gaming desktop above, this one is different product you can choose as other option. Different product means different price and features. Starting from its price, this gaming desktop is actually the one currently priced under $500. It is more affordable compared the first desktop above. How about the features then? Does it have the same features? Fortunately, the features offered are not the same.

This gaming desktop actually runs with AMD FX-4300 Quad Core 3.8GHz Processor. The first desktop might have better type of processors, but this desktop has faster memory speed to offer. What’s more coming from this gaming desktop is that it also offers up to 8GB DDR3 RAM and 1TB HDD. As for the visual images, it has AMD Radeon R7 240 Graphics with 2GB Video Card to do the job. Such graphics is capable of giving you best visual images you need for playing game. Truly, this gaming desktop really is a nice choice.

ViewSonic VX2452MH LED-Lit LCD Monitor

Now that you get your choices in gaming desktop, we need to have some choices in gaming monitor this time. You can’t play game with gaming desktop, unless you have gaming monitor after all. So, we offer one from ViewSonic here. It is currently tagged with the price under $200 and there are all sorts of things you can get from it. Gaming monitor knows what people really need for gaming. First of all, it is 24 inches in size which makes it wide enough screen to view games. Most people like to play with such screen size.

What’s more? The monitor has Full HD screen display with the best screen resolution there is, that is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Such screen display is known for being able to deliver the most amazing clarity and detail. For something like gaming, this is such a nice feature to get. Furthermore, this desktop monitor is capable of delivering ultra-fast 2ms response time for blur-free gaming. It is possible because there is ClearMotiv II feature that makes it happen. There is 1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio for sharp, crisp images too.

ASUS VG248QE Ergonomic Back-Lit LED Monitor

There is one more choice from gaming monitor here. This time, it is the one coming from ASUS. Let’s see what it has to offer here. Starting from the price, this ASUS gaming monitor is the one tagged with the price under $250 currently. It is also the one with 24 inches of screen size. You can be sure to satisfy your eyes looking at wide screen while playing. As for its resolution, it does come with 1920 x 1080 pixels too. As expected from ASUS gaming monitor, you can expect for HD visuals for both 2D and 3D from it.

Moreover, there is still a bunch of key features you can be glad about in this monitor here. It includes GamePlus that offers crosshair overlay and in-game timers for gaming experience enhancement. Furthermore, there are also 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms Trace Free II Technology to get you smooth motion playback for both games and movies. Not to mention, there is even ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio to bring true-to-life images for you. This gaming monitor sure has lots of things to offer for gaming purpose.

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop

You get some choices from gaming desktop and gaming monitor above. This time, we will give you one gaming laptop great to consider. Yes, it is the one coming from Dell and has been getting many good reviews from its customers. This Dell gaming laptop is the one currently priced under $800. For gaming laptop, this price is not too expensive. It is rather affordable instead. Furthermore, since it is a laptop, it gives you the freedom of playing games wherever you want. You can easily bring it around with you after all. There is no need to always play your favorite games only at your home.

Good Gaming Computer 2016

You will need to know its features here, of course. As the best gaming computer, this laptop is great in its features. It runs with Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3GHz Quad Core Processor which can turbo up to 3.2GHz. It does come with 8GB DDR3L and 256GB Solid-State Drive. As for the graphics, it uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5. These features are sure to bring you smooth play with satisfying visual images to look at when playing. Of course, there are still other features it can offer. But, at least, these features give you enough insight about this laptop’s reliability. Isn’t that right?

3 Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $500 2016

Here, for you who want to have the new sense in operating gaming laptop $500, you can consider the Acer Aspire V 15 Touch V3-572P-326T as your choice. Well, it is kind of the great product from the Acer that will give the best performance for you. We all know that the Acer is kind of the great manufacture that will provide the special running for you. Then, the new tech that is applied there will be something plus for you. In this occasion, we will talk about some details of it. I hope it can be the great consideration before you choose it as your favorite.

Acer Aspire V 15 Touch V3-572P-326T

When we are talking about this laptop, you will find the cheap gaming laptops $500 there with the powerful matters in its details. Well, it is kind of the laptop with the signature edition. As we know, the signature edition is kind of the great type that will provide the better performance for you. In other hand, this laptop has the great screen. The 15.6 inches of the screen is kind of the big size that will give the clear image for you. In other hand, the touchscreen tech here will provide the new sense when you are operating it.

3 Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $500 2016

Still about the look of the laptop, here you will find the elegant design of the laptop. The manufacture gives the best details there. Here, you will find the great design of the laptop with the collaboration of the black and silver as its color. The combination color here will provide the modern sense in the look of the laptop. In other hand, to ease you in bringing it wherever you go, this laptop has the lighter weight in its compact dimension. Well, the 7.3 pounds of weight here will ease you when you want to bring it in your gathering.

Some details of performance
Before choosing this laptop as your favorite, it is important for you to consider the spec of it. Well, the spec of the laptop will bring you to have the great performance there. Talking about the spec of this laptop, you will find the great details there. Here, this laptop uses the Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0GHz as the processor. Well, it is kind of the great processor with the stable running. In other hand, to have the great performance, this laptop uses the 6 GB of RAM. With the big size of RAM, you will not found any crash inside the system here.

Another thing that you need to know here is the HDD. Well, it is kind of the important matter to save any kinds of your documents. Here, the manufacture says that this laptop uses the 1 TB of the HDD. Well, it is kind of the best space in order to keep any document. With the big size of it, you will be able to install any kinds of your favorite programs. When you want to do your jobs with this laptop, the 7 hours of battery life will provide the great electricity to assist you.

The use of the laptop
By the explanation above, we all know that the Acer Aspire V 15 Touch V3-572P-326T is kind of the great laptop that have both of the great look and powerful performance. In other hand, it is also important for you to know the use of this laptop before choosing it. Based on the details in its spec, this laptop will be powerful laptop to do your office job. In other hand, when you want to play some games, such as the Pro Evolution Soccer, you will have the best running there.

New touchscreen tech
Durable performance
Elegant design

Expensive price
Rare in stock

Lenovo G50 59421807

Talking about the kinds of the manufacture of the laptop that has the stable running in its product, we can consider the Lenovo as your choice. Well, Lenovo is kind of the best manufacture that will pleasant you with its affordable and best product. One kind of the Lenovo’s product that can be your consideration is the Lenovo G50 59421807. Well, it is kind of the great laptop that will provide both of the great look and special running in its performance. In order to know more details about it, here we will talk about some details below.

Lenovo gaming laptop

The best look in the features
Before knowing more about this great laptops 500 dollars, let’s see how the design will bring you. Well, here you will find the kinds of the great design of the laptop by its appearance. This laptop is kind of the great product with its compact size. Talking about the dimension, this laptop has the 15.6 inch in its screen. It is kind of the big screen that will provide the clear image especially when you want to do your job or watch any movie. In other hand, this laptop has the AccuType keyboard for the best sense.

Still in the appearance of the laptop, you will find the textured appearance in its design. Well, the textured appearance that is combined with the black color will provide the best look for you. It is kind of the elegant design that will increase your confidence when you are operating it. In other hand, this laptop also has the HD webcam with the special design. It will help you in the interpersonal communication with your friends. Still in the features of the laptop, here you also will find the new style of the port that will give the new look.

The details on specs
Another important thing that you need to know before choosing it as your favorite is considering the details of the specs. Talking about the spec of this laptop, you will find the great thing there. Inside this laptop, you will find the Intel Core i3 with the 1.9 GHz in speed of the processor. Well, it is kind of the great processor that will provide the stable running for you. Yup, the best running processor here will pleasant you when you need any connection there. In other hand, the processor here is combined with the Windows 8.1 that can be updated in 10th version.

Still talking about the spec of this laptop, here you also will find the 6 GB of the RAM with DDR3 types. Well, it is kind of the great size in RAM that will provide the best running. As we know, RAM will be useful to manage the running of every program. With the big size in RAM, you will not find any crash there. In other hand, this laptop has the 500 GB of the HD. Although it is not kind of the best HD, the space there will be useful to keep any kinds of the program and also useful when you want to install some games there.

The life of laptop
The last thing here of the Lenovo G50 59421807 that I want to tell you is about the life of the laptop. Well, here when you want to use this laptop to finish your job, it will give the 5 hours of the battery life. Well, it is kind of the great performance when we see the spec of this laptop. In other hand, you also will find the new tech in Lenovo battery management that will help you to manage the life of the battery and also to keep the well condition of your battery.

Well running processor
New energy management
Futuristic design

Expensive in price
Weak in weight

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF

When you want to have the kind of the stylish laptop at home to assist you in doing your job, you can consider the Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF as your choice. Well, it is kind of the new laptop with the high tech that will be special choice for you. This laptop has both of the elegant look and also best performance. In other hand, the complete features will provide the new sense when you ware operating it. In order to know the more details of it, here we will talk about this laptop in details.
The white with powerful screen

Talking about the kinds of the laptop, the first thing that can be your consideration is the style of the laptop. Well, seeing the details of the design will pleasant you because the design of the laptop will be useful to provide the special look of it. Talking about the details of look of this laptop, the special thing that can be your consideration is the color. Here, this laptop has the white in its basic color. The white color here will give the elegant sense for you. It will give the best look that will increase your confidence when bring it.

In other hand, this laptop also has the powerful screen. The 15.6 inches in its screen will provide the best display for you. It is kind of the big screen that will provide the clear image. The full HD display here will provide the great look. In other hand, the Intel HD Graphic 5500 here maybe not the best graphic when you want to have the powerful usage such as for the graphic job but it will provide the great resolution in its image. When you want to such as watch any movie there, it is more than enough for you.

The great performance with details features
Another thing that is important to be considered before you choose it as your favorite is seeing the details of this spec. Well, the spec here will influence the performance of the laptop. Inside the laptop here you will find the Intel Core i5-5200 as the processor. Well, it is kind of the great processor that will pleasant you with the stable running there. In other hand, this processor has the 2.2 GHz with the 3 MB in cache that will give the best speed of the processor. It will give the best speed in the connection.

In other hand, this laptop also has the 4 GB in RAM. Well, as we know, RAM is kind of the great features that will help you to manage the running of your laptop. With the big size in RAM, you will not found any crash when you are running it. In other hand, it also has the 32 GB of Solid State Drive. It is more than enough of the HDD that will be useful to save any kinds of your documents. Well, with the great HDD here you will be able to install many kinds of the programs.

The use of the laptop
Based on the explanation above, we all know that the Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF is kind of the great alternative when you want to have the special laptop with both of the great look and performance. In other hand, this laptop is also special with the 9 hours of battery life that will provide the well electricity for you. In other hand, this laptop will be powerful choice when you want to use it in your office. Based on its graphic card, this laptop does not well run when you want to install kinds of heavy games there.

Stylish look
Long battery life
Easy to maintain

Weak in graphic card
Not for the heavy games

Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5308 Notebook

Are you tight on budget? Are you looking for cheap laptop buy? Well, it is definitely possible, but it still depends on the kind of laptops you are looking for. If you are aiming for the one that can help you with your simple tasks, then there is a bunch of options for you to choose. Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5308 is one of them that are good to consider. Well, there have been many pros and cons about it actually. Even so, there are things that you need to know about it. Let me tell you too that it is not some heavy-duty laptops. So, don’t expect it to be far beyond what it can do for you.

Nice Word Processing

Yes, the first thing that is quite advantageous for you by working with this laptop is that it can do its job just fine to assist you in your word processing task. Powered with Intel Celeron, this laptop provides enough speed for basic use. If this is what you need from buying a cheap laptop, then this Toshiba Satellite model is a fine choice for you. It should have been able to take care of students’ school works. Considering the price that is cheap too, this is indeed the laptop for students.

The Upgrade for the Speed

There have been many customers who say that this laptop is slow in its speed, making it uncomfortable to work with. If you are asking for a bit heavier-duty task, then this is true. It is because this laptop has terrible hard-drive for that. However, what is so convenient about this laptop is that you can do upgrade to it. If you upgrade it to an ssd for example, its performance should have been able to become better. Its upgrade ability sure is great for a thing like this.

Good Web Browsing

There have been pros and cons about the web browsing too. Web browsing is still associated with the speed after all. However, browsing internet is not as terrible as what have been said by the customers. Even some of them have said that you can still browse Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. with it, especially because of its AMD E1-2100 Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon HD 8210 graphics. If you still find low-speed trouble with it, upgrading the hard drive will do the job to solve this problem.

Plenty of Memory

The next thing that is really helpful for us about this laptop is that it has plenty of memory. For students, there must be a need for plenty storage, right? With the storage at 500GB, it should have provided more than enough space to keep any of your files. Moreover, it also means that there will be lots of room for upgrade. This is quite handy, isn’t it? With this much memory, you seems like welcomed to do any upgrade you want to make better performance of it.

With those benefits you can gain from Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5308, do you think it is impossible for it to be sold in cheap price? No, you are wrong here. Even with those benefits, you can still buy this laptop with the price under $300 only. This really is a good choice if you just want to do simple tasks with it. Well, it is true that you might have to spend more money to do the upgrade to make it perform better. However, if you just want to upgrade the hard drive, it shouldn’t cost that much. Even for this matter, this laptop is still a good choice to buy.